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How are electric vehicle controllers classified?
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Electric vehicle controller is the key equipment of electric vehicle, is used to control the electric vehicle motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of electric vehicle core control devices, then, electric vehicle controller is how to classify? Follow xuzhou keya electromechanical co., ltd. to understand the classification of electric vehicle controller knowledge.

From the perspective of structure, electric vehicle controller can be divided into two types: separate type and integral type. The characteristics of different types of electric vehicle controller are as follows:

1. Separated formula

Separated electric vehicle controller refers to the separation of the controller body and the display part. The latter is mounted on the handlebars, and the controller body is hidden in the car box or electric box, not exposed to the outside. In this way, the connection distance between the controller and the power supply and motor is shortened, and the appearance of the car body is simple.

2, integrated

The control part and display part of the integrated electric vehicle controller are integrated in a delicate special plastic box. The box is installed in the center of the handlebar. There are a number of small holes in the panel of the box. The aperture is 4-5mm and transparent waterproof film is applied externally. Light-emitting diode (led) is arranged in the corresponding position of the hole to indicate the speed, power and remaining battery power.

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