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"You and I are more beautiful" campaign proposal
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Quality koa, happy koa. To create a clean, comfortable, harmonious, civilized and orderly office environment is the common expectation of everyone who works here. However, in the company yard, you can see a lot of cigarette butts in the garden, green space, road, road teeth and manhole cover. Picking up cigarette butts is a small and insignificant action that carries the image of the company and human qualities created by keya civilization. It is the most subtle, vivid and effective step to civilization. To this end, we sincerely here to the majority of cadres and staff issued an initiative, kaya from July 1 to carry out "cigarette butts do not fall • you and I are more beautiful" activities.

One: speak civilized, start from me, make sure cigarette butts do not fall. Let "cigarette butts do not fall to the ground" become our conscious action, do not throw cigarette butts, do not spit everywhere, smoking in the smoking area, and consciously put cigarette butts into the dustbin; Do not throw garbage from the vehicle outside the vehicle; Implement the office hygiene system to make the working environment cleaner.

Two: high quality, build together, bring others to participate. Take the initiative to participate in the activity of "more beautiful you and I with cigarette butts on the ground", and encourage others to participate together, so as to create a good social atmosphere in which everyone abstains from public civilization and takes good care of environmental hygiene consciously.

Three: enjoy happiness, mutual supervision, promote the maintenance of all staff. Each cadre to physically implement "cigarette not fall to the ground" at the same time, actively undertake the obligation to maintain public sanitation supervision, throwing cigarette butts, spitting, litter, garbage and other uncivilized behavior, take the initiative to remind, persuasion, and stop, everyone be speaking civilization, health, environment, behave the people love. Form a good situation of company supervision and management of environmental sanitation, let our kea become more beautiful!

Four: contend for a cigarette end to pick up a member. From bending down to pick up a cigarette butts, pieces of garbage start. "If you don't sweep a room, how can you sweep the world?" We should foster the concept of co-governance and sharing, take an active part in the "cigarette butts revolution", and volunteer to collect cigarette butts to ensure that no cigarette butts fall off the ground.

Five: take good care of the civilized image of keya, to grasp the details, fine start. We must resolutely overcome the traditional thinking and practice of "small cigarette butts, no major obstacles", carefully clean up and maintain every inch of our land, do not spare any corner, and always keep the energy and standards unchanged. To "cigarette butts do not fall" as a starting point, from the point to the line to the surface, as we care about our own home care keya environmental health.

Vi. Division of responsibilities and responsibilities:

1. Longyue carriage frame factory is responsible for: from south to north in front of building 2, and from the east to the intersection at the southwest corner of plant 3;

2: logistics Yang lei is responsible for: the intersection between the lower part of the corridor and the southwest corner of no. 3 plant;

3. Dadian is responsible for the main road of the factory and the green belt on both sides of the main road;

4. Technical department is responsible for the washbasin in the factory;

5. Quality department is responsible for the cement road and green space above the kerb of public toilets;

6. Manufacturing operation department is responsible for staff access and stairs;

7. Technical research center is responsible for the section on the east side of no. 1 plant and the green belt on the east side;

8: section on the south side of no. 1 plant, test ramp, below and bumpy road

9. Customer service department is responsible for the front office of the building;

10. Purchasing department is responsible for the front of staff canteen;

11. In charge of after-sales service section of after-sales huts and warehouses;

12. Administration department is responsible for the staff carport;

Responsibility: for each cigarette butt found in the area in charge, the department head will impose a penalty of 5 yuan.

Cigarette butts do not fall, civilization in the hands. Give people the rose, the ability to leave fragrance;

You and I bend over for civilization help add color, let our environment more clean, more civilized fashion.

Make civilization a consciousness.

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