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Keya's "sinusoidal +" controller gives a hint of low-level homogeneous competition
time:2022-08-23 15:11:21      click:688

In 2015, keya "sine +" technology led the whole industry, bringing a ray of light to the electric bus industry. A dozen industry experts team after a long period of technical research, finally successfully completed the "+" sinusoidal control system, the industry of technological change, for the electric bus industry brings a great changes in science and technology advance, for the development of the industry, the development of brands have across the landmark of The Times.

"The sinusoidal +" technology developed by xuzhou section and mechanical and electrical company, "the sinusoidal +" controller has been put on the market, the controller and motor matching, further will make electric range, performance, stability, torque, speed fast, long life cycle, low noise, strong power gradeability, machine is more efficient, more energy saving effect, etc. On this basis, xuzhou keya mechanical and electrical company improves the stability and service life of the controller by improving heat dissipation, anti-leakage and anti-short-circuit.

According to observers, the "sinusoidal +" technology of coa is recognized by the market for its remarkable energy efficiency. Under the same conditions, its range has been improved by 6-10 kilometers, which is the only exclusive advantage in the industry.

At present, China's electric tricycle industry is mainly facing the rural market, and there is a strong demand for range, power and speed. After more than a decade of development, keya company has made some achievements in the controller field, and now "keya sinusoidal +" controller is a heavy blow to the low-level homogenization competition.

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